1. Currency exchange rates change on a daily basis. For the convenience of customers, E-Market Technologies provides fixed price quotes in most currencies and adheres by it in the event of fall or rise of the currency between the time that a Training is booked and the final payment is made. Likewise, the student is also committed to pay the Training fees quoted at the time of booking the course. After booking, changing Training fees to a different currency is not permitted.

  2. In case a student is not satisfied with the delivery of service, the maximum amount refundable is limited to the course fee. E-Market Technologies will not be responsible for any consequential losses and will NOT refund airfare, accommodation, food cost, testing cost. Refund is only applicable if the student brings his dissatisfaction to the notice of the management within the FIRST week of start of the Training or 20% of the course coverage (whichever is less) AND also ceases to attend classes. The request for Refund has to be made within the first week of start of the Training by submitting a Training Refund Request Form available with the Front Desk.

  3. If payment is made by Bank Wire Transfer, bank charges have to be borne by the customer.

  4. The exam fee (if included) in the Training fee is non-refundable. And the exams can only be taken in India. In case you do not take the exams, the value is non-refundable.

  5. We cannot accept exam discount vouchers or give rebate against their use. We use our own discount vouchers to book exams.

  6. If you wish to change your schedule or courses, an administrative fee of 5000 is charged per instance. The changes have to be requested in advance and are subject to availability. Changing the mode of training will be subject to resource availability and will be as per new costing.

  7. E-Market Technologies is not responsible in the case of an accident or an injury, whether to you personally or your property during your time at the Training. Please ensure that you take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to yourself and your property. Please also have the necessary insurance in place.

  8. E-Market Technologies is not responsible for theft of your belongings. Please take necessary precautions.

  9. A student will not contact directly a trainer or an employee of E-Market Technologies for the purpose of availing services or offering a paid or unpaid assignment or a job.

  10. It is the responsibility of the participant to evaluate the usefulness of a course/certification Training before registering. We do not guarantee the appropriateness of a course/certification program for the career of the participant.

  11. If a student is not able to attend the classes for any reason, fees is not refundable. However the student can attend the same training in next batch subject to availability of seats.

  12. Although E-Market Technologies has local representatives in many countries around the world, E-Market Technologies has official offices in India only. All trainings and other services are administered and conducted in India only, and all financial transactions are made with legal entities in India only. In case of disputes or other problems, international E-Market Technologies representatives cannot be held responsible or accountable for any form of loss, damage, injury or other misfortune to the student while in India or on his way to or from the country. Subject representatives will always refer claims or complaints by student or his/her employer to the main E-Market Technologies office in Bangalore, India.

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  14. Right of Admission is reserved. In case of disruptive / unreasonable conduct during the course, future courses can be denied. The decision of the E-Market Technologies Management will be final in such cases.

  15. E-Market Technologies prohibits any kind of Audio and Video recording inside its premises. Only still photography is allowed.

Terms of service for E-Market Technologies Live Virtual Classroom

  1. In case you are late / leave early for a session in Live Virtual Classroom, there will be no compensatory class.

  2. In case you are not satisfied and wish to discontinue, you have to inform on the 2nd day of training.

  3. Recording of the training session is prohibited except with prior permission.

  4. Distribution of the content of training in any form is prohibited.