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Startups Business Digital Marketing Program

Startups Business Digital Marketing Program (SDMP) has been programmed to provide digital marketing training for start-ups and small business owners to gain the most out of the digital channels, by giving them an overview of how digital channels can be used to market their products or services without wasting their valuable money and time. Even if you are just planning to start your own business, this program can answer many questions you might have on promoting your business online. Apart from marketing, it will also give you an idea on how to manage the customer data and communication well. Since this digital marketing training for small businesses has been designed by seasoned entrepreneurs, who have experienced all practical difficulties and found solutions to navigate the complex world of digital, you will find it extremely relevant to you.

Program Topics
  • How to Create Digital Marketing Strategies          
  • How to Optimize your website for SEO
  •  How to generate leads with Content Marketing  
  • How to leverage Social Media for brand awareness and lead generation
  • How to plan and execute efficient Paid Search Campaigns            
  • How to leverage the Power of Mobile for your Marketing             
  •  How to establish and manage your email marketing campaigns  
  • How to get covered by website and bloggers to increase visitors 
  • How to measure the results effectively and generate valuable insights
Program Details

Eligibility : Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
Training Method:

  • Live practice on your own start-up business
  • Comprehensive study material
  • FREE Support for up-to 6 months
  • Save a lot on agency spending
  • All time access to exclusive knowledge base
  • Exclusive Templates and Checklists

Our Training Methodology

Our learners can expect an eclectic mix of case studies, digital marketing tools and the hallmark methodology of learning through a live website. Pioneered by E-Market Technologies, hands-on practice through a live website and simulations is the best way to learn digital marketing. This methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling learners to apply concepts in the class. We are providing best digital marketing course in hubli.

Digital Marketing Instructor Profile

Praveen M Badiger is Digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience holding Senior Management roles in Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Operations, Business Development, Data Analytics, and Market research. He is an Enthusiastic Digital Marketing Trainer eager to trained  job seeking professionals, entrepreneurs, students & others about various aspects of Digital Marketing which would help them in their Job, Career or Business to get the best results from their Digital Marketing Strategy.

Throughout his career, he has developed a track record of various marketing solutions for co-op campaign and branding, community & e-commerce platforms, industrial thought leadership trend monitoring, and social media analytics. On the professional end he has worked through in the digital marketing Industry for 10+ years & worked with various organization in Education, Entertainment, Real Estate, E-commerce, HR & other sectors.

Skills & Experience:

Digital Marketing Training 98%
Search Engine Optimization 90%
Social Media Marketing 95%
Online PR & Publicity 96%
Web Analytics 93%
Google Ads Campaign 91%
Web Development with CMS 95%
Email marketing 97%

Career Options on completion of the Digital Marketing Training Program

On completion of the Digital Marketing Course, you will be equipped with various career options. You could:

Work as a freelancer

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and the world is more digital than ever, so it is unsurprising that digital marketing is currently one of the hot trending sector. If the idea of being your boss has always caught your fascination, freelancing might be the way to go. Freelancing is pure entrepreneurship no doubt, and as a freelancer; you get to make the call –the success of your business is entirely up to you.

Start your own business

If you are not willing to work with someone and desire to work independently, then you can start up with your own agency where you can hire few set of skilled people who have knowledge in the digital marketing field and have abundant experience in managing people, process and business as a whole. This can create job opportunity as well as the right amount of money for yourself.

Get a job in digital marketing

After the completion of the entire course modules you can apply for the position “Digital marketing Executive”. The Digital marketing executive is a very interesting job in digital marketing career. For this position you need thorough knowledge in all digital marketing concepts. You can also apply for the specialization position like SEO Analyst, Social Media Expert and more.

GET Google Certifications Upon Completion of Digital Marketing Courses & Training

Top tools covered during the Digital Marketing Course

Along with the digital marketing certifications from E-Market Technologies we help you to take up other relevant globally accepted digital marketing certificates from Google, Hubspot, Facebook, Semrush ( SEO Certification) etc. The list of these certifications are:

Digital marketing course

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